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My work explores natural phenomena, human cognition, and, increasingly, biology - I enjoy asking questions and suggesting theories about how we learn, think, and experience the world and each other.

I present my ideas online, in live events, as installation and in written form. See below for links and brief descriptions about my work.

I've also been actively involved with the Nature and Inquiry artists group for many years. Please visit our web site www.artscience.org.

Pietre Preziose
2008 - 2011
Pietre Preziosa is a celebration of beauty, chemistry and personal history. I have given gemstone pendants to twelve women that are interlocked in a social web around my Sicilian family. Each stone in turn symbolizes one of the many chemical hormones that drive women of every culture to be who they are – as mothers, daughters, sisters, partners, workers, and friends.

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Mothers Expressing: Sharing the Work
Mothers Expressing: Sharing the work was a collaboration with Amber Davis Tourlentes. The exhibit included photos, installation, and a dynamic website inviting visitors to comment on the topic of mothering, labor and gender issues, and nursing. The exhibit also included a discussion with invited speaker Ana Villalobos, a Sociologist from Brandeis University specializing in work/family research.

INTERVAL poses questions about the gambles and investments that are made when one becomes an agent of genetic reproduction and creative expression.

Stations of a Commute
A series of audio tracks designed to be listened to during an urban commute away from one's loves - whether children, partners or life work. There are 14 stations in all, each preceded by instructions as to where they should be performed.

Weight of God
This project began as an email conversation between Nita Sturiale and Jane D. Marsching via an exchange of URLs over the course of three months. The conversation began with the intention of answering the question - "what is the relationship betwen the brain and God?". The result was an installation of buttons on a wall that called the URLs on a display monitor.

I miei attaccamenti
14 consecutive daily emails sent to other mothers, family members, and friends, each including a dated snapshot and text exploring the concept of attachment, motherhood, and Sicily. The emails were sent out during a visit with family in Porto Empedocle, Sicily.

49 Equations for Mobius
Word performance with audience dedicated to Mobius Performance Space as part of their Mobius 25 retrospective.

Invisible Ideas
GPS enabled ArtWalk - First Jurors Prize, Manifest 2003 exhibit at The Copley Society of Boston, part of the Boston Cyberarts Festival. Winner of First Jurers' Choice Award.

As Sandy Stone
Impersonated Prof. Sandy Stone delivering a paper as part of the Massaging Media Conference at Massachusetts College of Art. In collaboration with Sandy Stone and Dana Moser.

Magnetic Moment
Interactive interface created for group exhibition exploring Art and Science at the National Museum, Beijing, China.

Five Ideas

Online, In the Mail and In Person - a 3 part event with the Nature and Inquiry Artist group. Boston Cyberarts Festival. Also a live event but fundamentally depended on the web to communicate with audience in the week's leading up to performance.

Recorded participants EEG data as they thought about the flow of the Charles River, Cambridge, MA. Images of the data where uploaded to a website in a flow of thoughts. In collaboration with Arnaldo Hernandez. Cambridge River Arts Festival.

A presentation of ideas and questions that intersect art and science. In collaboration with New York artist, Andrew Smith.

Forming a Thought
Nature and Inquiry Artists Group Series,
Mass. College of Art, Boston, MA

Traces of Thought: EEG patterns in Sand

Multi-media presentation exploring EEG wave patterns. Consciousness Reframed Conference, University of Wales, Newport, UK. Read conference paper.


Installation and performance comparing coral growth, brain growth and EEG patterns. Tufts University Art Galleries, Medford, MA.

Cerebration Card Game
1994 and 1996

Installation and Card Game using images from nature and scientific information and questions.
First presented as an installation and performance, Mobius ArtRages, Boston, MA. Printed as a limited edition set of playing cards in 1996.

Present Memories
Explores the construction of coral, the structures of the brain, and the creation of memories. Parallels in Creativity Symposium,
Harvard Smithsonian Observatory, Cambridge, MA.

Drawing a Line of Thought
Interactive installation; visitors were invited to draw a wave shape directly on the wall by rolling a circle along a track. In Light of Our Reflection/Visions of Art and Science Exhibition, Tufts University Art Galleries, Medford, MA.

Movements of a Wave
Habitat Institute for the Environment, Belmont, MA.


P U B L I C A T I O N S & P A P E R S

The Effects of Art Education on the Development of Cognitive Skills;
N. Sturiale, 1997.

Time: Biology and Technology;
N. Sturiale, 1997.

N. Sturiale, 1996.

Traces of Thought: EEG patterns in sand;
Proceedings of Consciousness Reframed: art and consciousness
in the post-biological era, the first International CAiiA Research Conference, convened at the Centre for Advacned Inquiry in the Interactive Arts, University of Wales College , Newport,
N. Sturiale and A. DeWaard, 5 & 6 July 1997.

Review; CatGut Acoustical Society Journal,
Performance Review of Carleen Hutchins' String Concert and Discussion,
Parallels in Creativity Symposium, Harvard University,
N. Sturiale, October, 1995.

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