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I am Professor and Chair in the Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art. I deeply enjoy helping students realize their individual creative potential with digital media, interdisciplinary study, and conceptual development.

Please read "Revisiting the Sandbox" (6.9 MB .pdf) a monograph I wrote about the history and pedagogy of the Studio for Interrelated Media at MassArt where I currently teach.

I developed and taught two signature courses at Harvard University for several years - Creative New Media and the Web and Applied Innovation in Wireless Computing. I've also taught at Endicott College, Greenfield Community College, as well as the Pennsylvania's Governor's School of Excellence in Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

Based on many years of teaching at the college level as well as in public school classrooms in Massachusetts, I have lots of experience in promoting the creative and content-driven use of digital technology via art and science curriculum. As an education consultant, I've worked with practicing teachers interested in combining computer skills with art-making. For the first Boston Cyberarts Festival in 1999, I co-developed the Faces of Tomorrow project that provided young students a interactive tools and a gallery for their digital self-portraiture. I've also taught and consulted on the topic of business concerns for artists.

For me, teaching is a creative practice, and artform, and a life calling. Teaching is actually learning in disguise.

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